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Friday, December 16, 2005

Houseblinger design tips

We've been asked by a few journos if we can provide some design tips for good housebling. Unfortunately,'s design skills don't reach far beyond the virtual world, so we went to a world-famous architect who, oddly, prefers to remain anonymous.

We asked him, "How should you light a house?"

"Well, there are good principles that should be applied in every area of visual design, such as: express structural form (eg. show the shape and structure of your house -- and trees, if any); use a restrained set of colours; create contrast in form/shapes and colour. In short, look for order, simplicity and contrast. You'll get a classy result."

"Okay, it may be classy, but will it be bling?"

"Hmm. Perhaps a more appropriate rule is: just chuck everything you've got at it until the kids are impressed -- and the tasteful classes are scandalised."


"Actually, the highly effective blingers may be those who instinctively start with a formal design structure -- and then throw all they've got at it!"

And then, really getting into the groove, he added:

"If it don't zing, it ain't bling, baby!"